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A Security Token Offering (STO) is the cryptographic tokenization of your capital providing investors with a digital share of your company. Security Tokens are defined as financial securities in accordance with the Howey test and empower investors with financial benefits.

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How to start your sto?

Tokenization of Equity

Primarily based on what type of STO you are raising, you may want to tokenize that aspect in a liquidity layout that suits your fundraise needs and also spells suitable for the growth plan of your token.

Development of Tokens on a Ethereum Platform

This is a technological choice wherein you need to prioritize if you need to establish blockchain, leverage an existing or if you need us to setup a blockchain this is reason constructed to mint, difficulty and manipulate your tokens.

Investor Appropriation based on the compliances of Target Countries.

The authority’s bodies that regulate STOs require lots of compliance procedures like KYC, AML and different means to ensure that your protection tokens aren't held by rogue entities.

Dividend Structure Issuance through a Smart Contract

Each built-investor of your protection tokens are basically stakeholders who you need to solution to and pay dividends legally, integrated your STO management dashboard.

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