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About Consta Insurance

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss. Consta Insurance aimed at providing solutions for all kinds of insurance. With today’s fast growing time, the uncertainty always looms around the corner. The risk is always involved with everything around us even with our lives.

Consta Insurance provides you with the complete solution for all kind of Insurance like Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance etc. What sets us unique is the fastest processing of claims. The highly dedicated staff, we target on faster processing of docs to release the claims settlement of high priority.

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Motor Insurance Policy

Comprehensive protection of your vehicle

Fire Insurance Policy

An insurance plan to indemnify against damage to property.

Personal Accident Policy

Secures you financially against unexpected accident.

Shopkeeper Policy

Covers all the probable risks and perils.

Householder Policy

Ensure complete security to building and its content.

Overseas Policy

Explore the world with tension-free travel insurance.

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