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About Consta Cab

Cabs are an integral part of our society. It gives us the liberty to roam around the city without having buy own car. Consta cab ensures to provide you the comfortable ride from your doorstep to the destination of your own choice.

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Consta Cab Features

Your safety is important to us before, during, and after every trip. That's why we continue to develop technology that helps make millions of rides safer every day.

User Friendly App

Verified drivers and live ride tracking are some of the features that ensure you a safe travel experience.

Simple & easy

With just few clicks, you can book cab and get rid all your worries regarding your travel.

Bookmark your Locations

Bookmark your journey Location by tapping few details about your ride with Consta Cab.

Wallet Integrated app

From Sedans and SUVs to Luxury cars for occasions, we have cabs to suit every pocket.

GPS Enabled

You can easily view direction of your journey right from starting point till the destination.

All in one app

Stay connected if you are travelling through poor network areas with our free wifi facility.

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